Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone has. It warns us of the possibility of danger and urges us to be cautious. However some people feel more of it than others; & over time it can begin to haunt people. Anxiety begins to be frustrating. Intimidating. Tricky. Dreadful. Facing these constant danger signals is exhausting & can be quite detrimental to the desire for an enjoyable life.

Anxiety can be brought on by an array of things, these may include: memories of an event, a specific phobia, a sensation in your body, social situations, or uncertainty. Many times people with anxiety issues find themselves caught in a pattern where they feel anxious & are coping by avoiding the thing that is making them feel this way. People do get relief with this strategy & so they find themselves using it again and again. However, avoidance becomes their kryptonite & their world starts to get smaller & less meaningful. This can feel like a cycle that repeats itself.Many people describe feeling trapped in this whirlwind of anxiety, where they are aware the fears are possibly inaccurate & feel uncertain about something going wrong at the same time.

We can help you understand this complicated relationship with anxiety and work towards the relief that you are craving. Remember that whomever you see for therapy, small steps of change are the most manageable way to embark on this journey.