Sexual issues

Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. It encourages the possibility of having pleasure and safe sexual experiences in a world where sexuality is often coupled with shame. Feeling controlled by this shame, we often do not express ourselves within our sexual rights.

Sex therapy is a place of positivity where a non-judgmental attitude towards peoples’ consensual sexual behavior is always a priority and sexuality is viewed as healthy. It is our aim to be affirming and knowledgeable of all sexual orientations, practices and gender identities.
Through sex therapy you are encouraged to talk about pleasure, communicate your needs, your sexual history and more. You may find that your arousal does not match up to that of a partner, or that you are experiencing difficulty reaching orgasm. Some people find that they struggle to find sex and intimacy pleasurable after trauma or an unhealthy relationship. Others feel the weight of social stigma pressing on them, constricting expression of desire.

Sexual health does not always feel like a priority because we often do not want to admit disconnection from our sexual selves for fear of embarrassment. Yet, all aspects of our life have the ability to impact our sexual expression and vice versa. Allowing therapy to hold space for you to navigate whatever turmoil you may be facing in your sexual relationships can be a life changing experience.

Here, we believe that sex is not a performance but an experience and medically accurate sex education is paramount to enjoyment.